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Postcards are an effective way to reach a highly targeted audience. Think of your postcard as a way to reach potential clients that need to know about your product or service NOW. If you have added a new product or service to your business how will they know about it NOW if you don't drive them to your website NOW. SEO works well when someone is SEARCHING for a product or service. We both know that our products and services can't way for someone to search for it.  You know you have a great product or service that could benefit them now, why wait for them to search or stumble upon your website.

A few examples to send a Postcard:

  • You have a Limited Time Offer for them to respond to
  • You require an online sign-up for an event
  • When they need to enter a discount code from the postcard 

These examples also simply get them to visit your website to learn more about who you are and what you do.

We can help you develop a highly targeted mailing list to reach your ideal target audience. We will run a FREE report of what contacts are available using criteria that best suites your target audience.

Drive them to your website with a postcard to get them to act now!

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